Got hard water?

Limescale and Silica Specialists
Up to 90% reduction in deposits, easier cleaning, better tasting.
The latest hard water areas we are selling into include Mahia, Omokoroa, and Kaikoura. Let us know about your area.
Chemical Free!
Limescale and silica is sticky. It gets on your surfaces so which makes cleaning difficult and leaves a mess.

We have observed huge improvements by upsetting the formation of scale deposits so they are softer and clean away easily, rather than changing or adding to the water chemistry.

Other softening systems like Resin can introduce undesirable chemicals (aluminium) and don’t work on silica, which is commonly mistaken for calcium (lime) in NZ.
Effects of hard water
You might experience the following...
  • Build up of grime on bathroom surfaces
  • Jug build up of hard deposits
  • Cleaning requires harsh chemicals and abrasives.
  • Taste of the water is different, especially with beverages like coffee
  • Washing windows leaves grime (and cars)
  • Washing windows, cars etc., leaves hard-to-remove deposits.

Real Testimonials
"Guest notice how nice our water is..." Cliff & Lisa Salter, Hamilton

"We are very impressed with the performance..." Phil & Wendy Deane, Wanganui

"Our washing powder usage in the washing machine has decreased...." Joy and Graham Harris, Tauranga

Free advice and help with your water
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What is included in the residential system?
  • No-maintenance Virtual Ionizer (Kiwipure only product)
  • NZ specific sediment filtration - high quality, long life
  • NZ specific carbon / KDF filter for a 98% reduction in chlorine
  • Taps and fittings in brass with stainless piping for super-long life
  • 10 year warranty
For commercial and rural, please call.
Full system price: $1,395 incl. GST
We are online only to bring you the best price we can. The system is ready for a plumber to install with all taps, pipes required to plug into your town supply.