All installations are done by plumbers independent of Kiwipure. In most cases the job is straight forwards and any reputable plumber can do the installation.

Placement of the filtration unit will depend on the house configuration. Best to talk to the plumber about your options. The unit can sit outside or inside. There is also a galvanized cover option (10" only) if you wanted to hide the filters. The cover is able to be painted to match your fence or house.

Indicative costs
Most customers will pay between $150-450 for an installation depending on the complexity and time required. One of the aspects that can increase the cost is digging into the ground to find the mains pipe.

Because each house is different we can not advise as to what it will cost. 

What is included
All the hardware required to install the system is included in the package including:
- 2 filters and housings
- Stainless steel top cap to hold the filters and attach the unit to the house, fence, etc
- 2 taps for turning off the flow when changing filters
- Stainless steel piping in and out of the unit

Support and questions
We provide full support for plumbers to install the unit as part of the price of the unit. Instructions are included in the package.

Any questions on installation can be had by calling us on 0800 552 509.