Residential water filtration

With hundreds of customers using the original Kiwipure system we know what makes for good water filtration. It's not as simple as putting a filter onto the mains. Kiwipure has a 4 stage (standard), and a 5 stage (heavy duty) system.

  • Minimal pressure change
  • Includes removing up to 99% of chlorine
  • Includes an Ionizer (unique to Kiwipure)

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Commercial water filtration

After trials with fast food and cafe's, Kiwipure launched a range of filters for the F&B industry. The main reasons for our customers choosing us were:

  • 50 litre/min flow rate on the standard issue setup
  • Better tasting food & coffee/tea/water
  • Even the dishes got an upgrade with better lathering
  • Removes bad tastes & odours (depending on setup chosen and origin of bad taste) 

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Rural water filtration

Designed for tank water applications, our advanced and high performance UV filters ensure that you are getting a premium result.

  • Built for tank systems
  • Low pressure change
  • Includes high quality UV

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