Residential whole house water filtration 10" (standard house)

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Pure water from every tap


  • Long life sediment filter
  • NZ specific carbon / KDF filter 
  • Virtual Ionizer for water softening
  • Tapware (x2 ball valves)
  • Five year warranty


  • Removes Heavy metals 
  • Softens Water and reduces scale build-up
  • Removes Chlorine and the by-products of Chlorine Sterilisation
  • Removes Sediment down to 1 micron
  • Reduces cleaning costs by saving soap & detergents

This four stage system designed specifically for town water supply. Multi-stage 1 micron sediment filter; Carbon filter for Chlorine and it's By-products; KDF special media to remove chlorine and heavy metals; Ionizer to reduce scale and soften water.  

Installation is recommended to be completed by a Registered plumber. If you require assistance in finding a plumber or questions during the install you can feel free to call us - we are happy to help.

The system has a 5 year warranty (Not including consumables)

The cover can be painted. Filter housing Dimensions:- H = 460mm W = 380mm D = 200mm

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